StockMate livestock management app

Advanced Electronic Paddock Book


StockMate is a tablet based app that helps graziers manage livestock mobs or lots and individual animals.

  • Integrates with RFID readers, weigh scales and auto gates
  • Calculates average daily gain, weight and treatment history
  • Records paddock, mob and individual animal movements
  • Property data at a glance – forage & supplement levels, environmental stats etc.
  • Integrates with NLIS database
  • Integrated paddock mapping shows stock numbers and distributions
  • Includes powerful reporting & export features
  • Vertical supply chain integration (data feeds straight into StockaID)
  • Full multi-level user management
  • Works in multi-property contexts with multiple tablets
  • Synchronise data with cloud based console when in signal range

Livestock Management System

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Powerful, efficient, affordable!

StockMate supports lifetime traceability and is suitable for grazing and livestock enterprises of all sizes - from the largest pastoral companies down to hobby farmers

Created by eLynx

StockMate is brought to you by eLynx, a software and information technology service supporting livestock industries and feedlots in Australia and overseas. Find out more on the eLynx website.